August 16, 2007


Mihnea mi-a lasat o mica compunere pentru scoala, ceruta ca substitut de moodboard pentru o inghetata. Mai jos. I found it delicious.

The alarm clock started ringing like hell bringing confusion to her brain: was there a fire going on or just the pissed off fireman from the dream that just ended? Neither of them. It was time for her to wake up and embrace the sunrise of a new day. The summer breeze somehow found its way through her room and, with whispers both warm and cool, assured her that the ocean was doing just fine.

She got up of the bed right away because she knew that this was the only way to fight the coziness and the fluffiness of her bed. Letting herself carried away by the tempting “5 more minutes” was not a wise thing to do. She’d learned that the day before, when the next thing she heard after the alarm clock went out was the pissed-off voice of Letitia from planet Pleoshc. Planet Pleoshc is a very distant planet, with many other Pleoshcans like her boss living there. She didn’t like her boss that much, but she agreed that she was a woman she could’ve learned a few things from. Plus she was sometimes very funny.

She found one of the remotes for the stereo in the same place she always kept it: under her pillow. Track 1. Play. Bitter sweet symphony filled the room with nice optimistic sound of happy trippy violins. That’s when she smiled for the second time and finally stood up(the first time she smiled that morning was when she remembered the distant planet of Pleoshc, the birthplace of her beloved boss).

She walked to the window. She didn’t live as close to the ocean as she wanted to, but at least she could see it. She promised herself a new house every two years, closer and closer to the big blue – and now – gentle giant. She formed the shape of a shell with the right hand around her ear just to hear the waves. She blinked longer this time.

Her eyes met the pack of cigarettes that was lying on the small table. This is what reminded her to turn the coffee machine on. She arranged the chaotic bed-sheets and all of her 10 pillows in the right position. There were several days in which she locked her keys inside the apartment. There were times when she forgot where she parked the car. But she would never, ever forget to make the bed. The bed looked much nicer this way and she knew that if your bed looks organized then no matter how messy your room is, it’s like it’s already half clean.

She thought if there was anything new she wanted and she could buy that day, so the whole morning bathroom routine went by pretty fast. She hated all those lotions and all that as much as she hated that being a woman made her an addict to all that crap. But she had no choice. Plus she discovered that thinking every morning about what you can buy that day can be very pleasant.

Track 1 finished. She reached for the remote, clicked Next from the bathtub and went for track 1 one more time. She can’t have enough of that song in the morning.

Coffee time. She loved her balcony as much as she loved her coffee and the long morning cigarette. She smoked one 100s cigarette in the morning, switching to normal ones for the rest of the day. She was aware that she might not do the right things health wise, but she couldn’t picture herself without her cigarettes. It would be awful. But she swears she would quit soon; she’s also very confident in her strategy of taking care of her body: for every unhealthy thing she was doing, Audrey was rewarding her still young body with exactly one and a half healthy things. She thought it was a fair trade. So did her body.

It was a sunny Thursday morning. She loved Thursdays. Ever since she was little Thursday was the closest to Friday and Friday meant freedom. Spare-time, friends, long sleeping sessions. Vacation. Leaving. New. Something else.

She liked Saturday too. She would’ve liked it more than Thursday if time didn’t go in only one direction. The thoughts of inventing the time machine left her since years now. Too bad she hasn’t got the time nor the beautiful naivety to try it again now.

When she opened the dressing, that’s when the dilemma appeared. What should she wear that day? She fell asleep the night before exactly when she began thinking about it. She relies on her luck. Closes her eyes, maybe a little peak, grabs something and closes the door without looking back. She’s dressed now and the mirror smiles back at her. She got lucky.

She grabbed her nice and stupidly funny bag, threw everything in like in a bowl of soup and she gave a last glance to her home she was leaving behind. Everything seemed alright, except for that small stupid fly which circled the light-bulb in the ceiling. Why does that fly do that? Why does it spin around in circles around the light-bulb, even when it’s daylight and the lights are off?

She promised to give it a deeper thought and she left.

Mihnea Gh.


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