April 8, 2007


Gimme New York on a busy day. Gimme 4 in the afternoon in Times Square. Gimme trafic jam in the morning and a loft in downtown Manhattan. Gimme a 9 to 9 job. Gimme rushes. Of blood of adrenaline of stress. Of anything. Gimme a Cosmopolitan in the trendiest club. Gimme New York Times at 5 am in the morning. Gimme Rockefeller Center on Christmas Eve. Gimme snow as far as the eye can grasp. Gimme blizards. Gimme hot summers and ads on big screens. Gimme weekends in the country and picnics in Central Park. Gimme a leather sofa and a dog to wait for me at home. Gimme take overs. Gimme cigarettes. Gimme high heels and attitude. Gimme Lady Liberty and tourists. Gimme tour buses and harajuku girls. Gimme yellow cabs to block my exits. Gimme couriers on bikes running loose. Gimme Bloomingdale’s. Gimme Manolo. Gimme all the things I know I’ll never use. Gimme spirits.

Gimme New York City on a busy day…everyday.

One Response to “Gimme…”

  1. […] sa tin pledoaria NYC-ului, pentru ca-mi place atat de mult incat pot sa vorbesc ore si ore, insa ca sa rezum New York-ul are […]

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